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Harnessing the Advantages of Solar-Powered Appliances

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The benefits of solar power

Chalkyvan - Solar panels

Taking advantage of the sun. (Photo Credits)

Solar power is one of the cleanest energy source, and more people are now harnessing its many benefits.

By using solar powered appliances, an individual does not only save on utility expenses, he also reduces his carbon footprint.

This table for instance, which has been featured over at Magazine-MN not only serves as a table but also as a device charger.

“Thanks to this technology, Current Table is able to harvest energy from indirect light indoors. This energy can be used to charge home appliances such as phone or laptop since the table comes with built-in USB port and battery that stores energy.”

Take a look at it here.

Solar-powered Oven

The Carribean News Service meantime featured solar appliances that are both very efficient and green.

“Using the power of the sun to cook food has been around since the mid-1700s, but it took roughly 200 years for any major technological advances. Nowadays, though, solar ovens are revolutionizing the lives of those in poverty by providing a sustainable cooking method that requires virtually no maintenance or repair. Yet, you don’t have to be impoverished to appreciate this eco-friendly appliance. In fact, there are countless online DIY videos that teach people how to build their own basic solar cooker.”

Check out the other appliances here.

Light up

Greener Ideal meantime featured a solar lighting solution for the whole home. Electrical Genius Electrical Services          

“Replacing energy-sucking light bulbs with solar-powered lamps can overhaul your budget as well. There is a wide variety of outdoor, solar-powered lighting available, like LED outdoor lights from Hampton Bay and Westinghouse. But it’s not just your garden that deserves the spotlight. Indoor solutions are also innovative and can reduce your energy bill significantly.”

See more here.

Experts expect that more and more households will soon be using solar powered appliances.


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The Advantages of Switching to High Efficiency Appliances

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Reap the benefits

Manna House

What is great about using high efficiency appliances? (Photo Credits) 

Switching to High Efficiency or HE Appliances could be a good decision any homeowner can make. After all, it is touted to have a whole range of benefits that include lower utility costs, lower consumption of supplies, as well as lower carbon footprint.

Hibbs Homes says in Dish washing alone, a family ca already reap the benefits of switching to an HE version.

Smart dishwashers will provide you with a variety of energy-saving options. They use much less water and have sensors to check how dirty the dishes are so that the machine can  adjust the wash cycle accordingly. EnergyStar rated dishwashers even have more advanced jets that still pack a punch without using as much water when they spray. Many dishwashers will allow you to use internal heating elements, which means you can set your home’s water heater to a slightly lower temperature without worrying about the cleanliness of your dishes. Smart appliances will also give you drying options that use less heat, or even provide you with the option of air drying your dishes, skipping the energy usage from the drying cycle all together.”

Read the whole post here.

Pocket Friendly, Eco-Friendly

American Home Shield says HE appliances are both friendly to the pocket, as well as the environment. Emergency ElectricalGenius Electrician Temecula, CA     

By replacing a 20-year-old refrigerator with a new, energy-efficient model, not only will you save about 800 kWh per year, you will also reduce your home’s CO2 contribution by about one ton per year.”

See the whole article here.


The website The Best of New Orleans also underscored yet another advantage of using HE Machines, particularly HE Washers and Dryers – they make clothes last longer!

High-efficiency machines also are gentler on clothes than standard washers, which use higher heat and don’t spin water out of the clothes as thoroughly, requiring longer drying times, which breaks down fabric more quickly. The cycles take longer, but cause less damage to clothes in the long run.”

More information can be read here.

When upgrading to HE appliances, make sure to get in touch with  licensed electrician who can help with the installation of these new home fixtures safely and efficiently.


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