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Harnessing the Advantages of Solar-Powered Appliances

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The benefits of solar power

Chalkyvan - Solar panels

Taking advantage of the sun. (Photo Credits)

Solar power is one of the cleanest energy source, and more people are now harnessing its many benefits.

By using solar powered appliances, an individual does not only save on utility expenses, he also reduces his carbon footprint.

This table for instance, which has been featured over at Magazine-MN not only serves as a table but also as a device charger.

“Thanks to this technology, Current Table is able to harvest energy from indirect light indoors. This energy can be used to charge home appliances such as phone or laptop since the table comes with built-in USB port and battery that stores energy.”

Take a look at it here.

Solar-powered Oven

The Carribean News Service meantime featured solar appliances that are both very efficient and green.

“Using the power of the sun to cook food has been around since the mid-1700s, but it took roughly 200 years for any major technological advances. Nowadays, though, solar ovens are revolutionizing the lives of those in poverty by providing a sustainable cooking method that requires virtually no maintenance or repair. Yet, you don’t have to be impoverished to appreciate this eco-friendly appliance. In fact, there are countless online DIY videos that teach people how to build their own basic solar cooker.”

Check out the other appliances here.

Light up

Greener Ideal meantime featured a solar lighting solution for the whole home. Electrical Genius Electrical Services          

“Replacing energy-sucking light bulbs with solar-powered lamps can overhaul your budget as well. There is a wide variety of outdoor, solar-powered lighting available, like LED outdoor lights from Hampton Bay and Westinghouse. But it’s not just your garden that deserves the spotlight. Indoor solutions are also innovative and can reduce your energy bill significantly.”

See more here.

Experts expect that more and more households will soon be using solar powered appliances.


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All about Modern Ceiling Fans

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Modern Design, Modernized Efficiency

Herb Import Canal Back Nov 2010 Ceiling fan

Design and Usefulness. (Photo Credits)

Modern ceiling fans do more than just blow breezy air in a room. It also improves the aesthetic appearance of a room almost effortlessly.

Home Living Answers shared some ways on how to use a functional ceiling fan into a decorative piece. Electrician Temecula CA 

“Given the room and the motif that you have chosen, there are actually many ceiling fans that would work. Some of the newer ceiling fans today, not only embrace the notion that a ceiling fan must be functional but stylish and match the mood or look of that particular room. For this reason, the companies that make them are looking to the designers and decorators to dictate what fans will be in for the following year and which ones will not.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Functional Beauty

Singapore Home and Décor also showed its readers the many ways a modern ceiling fan can complement the interior décor of a home.

“This sleek single-blade fan doesn’t mar the minimalist look of this living room. It makes a great conversational piece too!”

Check out more sample designs here.

It can be upcycled too

But what about old, non-functioning ceiling fans?

The website DIY Everywhere says it can be upcycled into a candle holder.

“The ceiling fan light is one of the classic elements that comes to mind when thinking about a home from the 1970s or 1980s. The flared glass bulb covers that resemble a flower look dated hanging from a ceiling fan by today’s standards. As a result, they’ve been replaced by more modern designs and can now be found in thrift stores or the garbage. However, rather than let the craftsmanship (albeit dated) go to waste, why not find a new use for these lights as candle holders? With a little bit of wood and a half an hour, you can easily craft yourself a cool candle holder.”

Get the step-by-step instructions here.

When installing modern fans always seek the help of an electrician contractor, as they are in th best position to safely and properly install modern ceiling fans.

Installing Patio Lights

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Installing Patio Lights

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Patio Light Design Ideas

Patio lanterns

Lighting design ideas for the patio. (Photo Credits)

Lighting up the patio can spell the difference between a boring space outside the house, and an outdoor space that can be utilized by the whole family for relaxation purposes. Temecula, California        

Installing patio lights would mean that the family can stay in the patio past dinner time, and even entertain guests there.

The website Real Simple says Patio Lights can make even a small area look bright and happy.

“If you don’t have a spot to place a lamp, you can also opt for outdoor string lights, which still lend a dreamy effect and create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying that summer nighttime air.”

Check out the small patio lighting design ideas here.

Patio Lighting Tips

The website Domino also shared more tha two dozen ideas to light up a patio.

“Add a hutch to your outdoor dining space for shade during the day—and lights for a festive nighttime dining experience. Seriously, how dreamy does this dinner party setup look?”

Check out the lighting ideas here.

Not-So-Expensive Patio Lighting

DIY Joy meantime shared a homemade patio lights instructional that could light up the patio of a homeowner even if he has a tight budget.

“Looking for an impressively easy DIY lighting idea for your patio? These DIY Mason jar glow lights have an incredible WOW factor, considering the little time and effort required to make them. Unlike many DIY projects that come with long supply lists and will send you to a variety of stores shopping for supplies, this craft uses only a jar, some colorful glow in the dark paint.”

Watch the instructional video here.

To ensure safety consult a licensed electrician when installing patio lights.


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Amazingly Beautiful Lighthouses

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Classic Structures that light up the shores

On the pier

Lighthouses make any place post card worthy. (Photo Credits)

Lighthouses may not be as useful as it is today compared to its function during the olden days, but still it makes any coastal area worth visiting.

Ellines.com featured scenic lighthouses in the island of Greece that will make any tourist awe-inspired. Residential Electrician Services 

“One from the oldest lighthouses in Greek soil is the one in the old Venetian harbor of Chania, built in the Middle Ages when the Venetians ruled Crete. Of course, its present form was a result of different rulers over the centuries. Eventually, Egyptians repaired the lighthouse in the 19th century and gave it the form of a minaret, a staircase and glass tower.”

Check out the pictures of the lighthouses here.

Just Wonderful

The website Only In Your State meanwhile featured almost a dozen light houses in Maine.

“Portland Head has the distinction of being Maine’s oldest lighthouse. Completed in January 1791, the original tower stood at 72 feet and was made of rubblestone and lime. One of the most notable features of the historic tower is its many changes in height. Between the years of 1813 and 1881, the tower was lowered and raised by about 20′ 4 times! The only significant change since then came in 1989, when the previous light was removed and replaced with an airport-style revolving beacon. Portland Head is also known for its ties to Maine’s dear poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It was here that he wrote his beloved poem, “The Lighthouse.””

Check out the wonderful photos here.

Amazing Photos

Space.com meantime featured a photo of the moon and a lighthouse.

“The glow of the setting crescent moon lights up this image of Twin Lights lighthouse in New Jersey’s Navesink Highlands. Astrophotographer Steve Scanlon took this image from on Jan. 11 and shared it with Space.com. The Twin Lights were built in 1828 and have since have protected ships from danger in the coastal waters of northern New Jersey.”

See the photo here.

Have you ever been to a coastal area with a lighthouse?




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Qualities of a Reliable Electrician Contractor Service

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What to look for when hiring an Electrician

Electrician Installation

Expertise and Professionalism are the top two traits electricians must possess. (Photo Credits)

Having a reliable electrician that can be tapped anytime there is an electrical emergency in the home, can ease a lot of stress for a homeowner who may already be facing a lot of hassles and inconveniences because of the electrical emergency.

It will be great if a homeowner can already choose an emergency electrician even before an emergency occurs, so that the hiring process will not be done haphazardly. Temecula, CA 

The website Quality Electrical emphasized on the traits a good electrician must possess.

“Safety measures: During and after any appliance repair, it is important that they undertake certain safety protocols to ensure both their and your safety. Licensed and qualified: Don’t go over face value, these professionals should be qualified and possess the necessary license to perform their job. Attention to detail: Most often people neglect this aspect, but it is equally important. A good electrician will always give their attention to detail. They shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make any appliance work to perfection.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Expertise and Professionalism

Zoola Search also shared a guide on the characteristics a good electrician should possess.

“Professionals recognize the best strategy to address issues and they will assist you learn the best ways to deal with similar challenges that are likely to arise in future. You will benefit from their knowledge and exposure which you could have taken plenty of time to gather. The service providers will also avoid making errors that inexperienced people are very likely to make. If you hire experts, you are guaranteed of rational advice that will aid you make much better decisions.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Location Matters

Calorique for its part encourages its readers to choose an electrician who can quickly repond to any emergency.

“Ideally, you should stick with searching for an electrician in your city. An electrician who is a block or two away from your home will reach you quickly and you can call them a few times if the problem you hired them to fix persists. However, if you do not have an electrician who resides a block or two away from where you are located you should expand your search to electricians in your city. If you search online you can use the ‘advanced options’ of any leading search engine to limit the search to your city and then further refine the results to where your area.”

Read more here.

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, having a government issued license, and appropriate permits is imperative when it comes to choosing an electrician contractor.




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Efficient Solar Lamps

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The Benefits of Solar Lamps

Solar Lamp

Undeniably Efficient. (Photo Credits)

Solar Lamps, whether it is professionally made, or home crafted via DIY, are undeniably efficient and environment friendly.

And this is the reason why more and more individuals are trying to harness its power even via the Do-It-Yourself route.

For instance, Hometalk shared an instructional post on how to make a solar lamp that can alternately be used as a House Number Sign and Porch décor. Temecula CA click here 

“Is it a lamp? Is it a planter? Is it a house number sign? Yes, yes, and yes.”

Check out the tutorial here.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Science Alert for its part encouraged its readers to upcycle their old mobile phone batteries into Portable Solar Lamps.

“To test the idea out, Diouf hooked up a single lithium-ion battery from a mobile phone and used it to run a 1 Watt solar lamp for just over three hours. When he swapped the LED bulb for a 0.5 Watt one, which still provides enough light for reading and writing, the system lasted for six hours. Diouf also took things one-step further and built a 12-volt system out of three batteries, a 5 Watt lamp, and a solar panel for less than US$25. That provided enough power to light a room five hours a day for three years, without needing any maintenance.”

Read the whole article here.

Two-in-one Finds

Gadget Flow meantime featured a Solar Lamp that also works as a bug zapper, making it perfect for gardens.

“Say goodbye to those flies and mosquitoes while you camp outdoors with the help of this Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper & LED Garden Lamp. It can attract and entrap flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects thus keeping your outdoor camping experience free from the annoying “buzz”. This lamp consists of 8 bright LED bulbs which can easily light up a garden, patio or even a walkway. The integrated solar panel will power up zapper from the sun and helps you save energy that way. Staying outdoors post sundown wouldn’t be that difficult anymore.”

Check it out here.

Will you buy a solar powered lamp?


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Living Room Lighting Tips

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 Lighting Design Inspiration for the Living Room

Living room 1

Tips to light up and accentuate the living room. (Photo Credits)

The living room is one of the first parts of the home that can be seen by family and guests upon entering a home.

The lighting design in a living room will do so much in making it appear more elegant and bright.

Impressive Interior Design gave tips on how to light up the living room. Electrical Genius Company

The right living room lighting options help to add a new dimension, a new style, and a new ambiance to its home-styling purpose. Modern day living room lighting decorating ideas, involves everything from wall sconces, floor lamps, dimmers, table lamps, skylights, fireplaces, chandeliers, and other unique accent lighting ideas.”

Check out the lighting design inspirations here.

More lighting tips

HGTV also shared more ideas in installing accent lighting in the living room.

A good living room lighting scheme uses different kinds of light, set at different levels, that work together to make the space warm and attractive. Allen says if you want people to linger, use dimmers that allow you to control the level of light to suit the activities that take place in the space.”

Read the rest of the post here.

New Hotel Blog has more lighting tips.

“The lights are elements that cannot be separated from the beauty of minimalist home. Although the profit actually used light source of illumination when the nights draw in, but there is no denying that if the lights are one of the contributors to the beauty of the appearance of the house. Various lights of various shapes can be found in almost all buildings and public places, ranging from ordinary light up decorative lights. Nowadays, there are many models of lamps, whether chandelier or decorative lamps with a variety of models, designs and beautiful colors. The use of living room lights will have a major role in shaping the model of your living room. Besides being able to make your living room more beautiful, light generated from the lamp can also give a dramatic effect on your living room.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Are you thinking of re-designing your living room lights?


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Inspiring Home Lighting Ideas

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Alkira Homes - modern home living

Lighting up the home to make things bright. (Photo Credits)

Home lighting is important especially in accentuating the designs and features of a home.

It can be simple, it can be complex, it can even be radical.

HGTV shared the latest home lighting design ideas.

“Lighting can quickly make or break a room, so when shopping for HGTV Dream Home 2016, he focused on the ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps, making sure each room had an original mix of shapes, finishes, textures and design styles. “

Check out the inspiring ideas here.

Inspiring Lighting

Architectural Digest meantime gave wonderful bathroom lighting ideas.

“Finding the right lighting for your bath can be a challenge. Do you opt for delicate sconces to flank the mirror? Make a statement with a large lantern or chandelier? Or go for a simple ceiling flush mount? For those of you in the midst of a bathroom renovation (or just a slight refresh), we’ve compiled some illuminating inspiration from the AD archives and revealed the lighting sources used in each space. That way, whether you prefer Naomi Watts’s sleek New York apartment or Madeline Stuart’s Santa Barbara retreat, you can get the look at home.”

Take a look at the photos here.

For others, string lights can be used for lighting the home even beyond the holidays. ElectricalGenius Electric Repair

“A little bit of twinkle can transform an entire room, and we have a collection of perfect ideas to achieve this look! String lights are no longer just for the holidays; these sparkling lights can be used all over the home year-round. They can accent decor, light up a small space and transform any space into a cozy spot. “

See the lighting designs here.

How do you light up your home?


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Why you should switch to LED Lights

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All about LED Lighting

Emergency Led Lighting Installed - Check

The advantages of LED lighting. (Photo Credits)

LED lights are a buzz word nowadays because of the many advantages that it offers to home ad business owners.

Singaporean website Home Reno Guru identified 10 good reasons why home and commercial structures should utilize LED lighting.

Hold on to your seat: LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours or 11 years of nonstop operation. Even if you have them on for eight hours a day, it would still take years—decades even—to replace it.”

Read the nine other reasons here.

So many advantages

Latest Solar News in fact even made it specific that Solar Power LED lights should be the lighting of choice for residential and commercial use. ElectricalGenius Electrical Repair

Compared with traditional solar lights LED lighting products are more energy efficient. First, LED bulbs require very little energy to operate than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. Second, an incredible light per watt than conventional bulbs such is created. With the increasing cost of energy today and increased environmental awareness among consumers, greater efficiency is often equated with lower energy costs and reduced environmental damage.”

See the rest of the post here.

Beneficial for Businesses

Business 2 Community also identified reasons why commercial structures should be illuminated by LED lights versus the traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

“LEDs can save up to 70% of a company’s energy output, says Phys.org, a research, technology and science website. The statistic is impressive, but what does it mean for a business on a practical level? Reducing carbon emissions means reducing the consumption of energy. As an example, Buckingham Palace turned to LEDs for their ceiling lights. As an example, illuminating the official residence of the Queen of England uses literally less electricity than making a cup of tea. A business that uses LEDs for their lighting needs will slash their monthly overhead budget considerably.”
Read the whole post here.

Have you made the switch?

How to Save on your Electric Bill

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Home Lighting Design Ideas

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Lighting up the home

Interior photos

The lighting design can make a big difference. (Photo Credits)

Lighting design can make a huge difference in a home. When someone comments that a house is gloomy that may mean that it is dark and not well-lit. When a room is described as bright and cheery, most likely it has something to do with both the windows and the lighting.

Room Edit shared tips on how to light up the home during the darker winter months. Click here

“Use LED lights on the plinth to creating a floating effect, and hang a row of three pendant lights above an island. If you are positioning pendants over a permanent fixture, consider low-hung shades for an intimate atmosphere. Typically, pendants should be hung around 70 to 85cm above a worktop, or 182cm above the floor. In the kitchen you need good task lighting for preparing food, ambient lighting for everyday meals, and decorative lighting to make a style statement. Put all lights on dimmer switches so the level of light can be altered depending on the activity at hand.”

Check out the photos here.

Larger and Brighter

HGTV.com meantime featured a designer whom for his part shared great lighting design ideas for every type of home.

“He focused on the ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps, making sure each room had an original mix of shapes, finishes, textures and design styles. “

Take a look at the design ideas here.

A different feel

Simply Designing encourages the use of industrial lighting fixtures to add an interesting feature to the home.

“I love decorating with industrial touches in my home and we are slowly trying to add new, beautiful lighting to our home!  I feel that adding fun and unique light fixtures is a great way to add character to your home without spending a ton of money.”

Read the rest of the post here.

What lighting design have you adapted in  your home?


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